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General Dentistry Services in Houston

Checkups and regular cleanings are important for the long-term health of your smile. Dr. Nguyen offers general dentistry, from cleanings to fillings and maintenance, with an emphasis on compassion and flexibility. He and his staff at Allbrite Dental will work to tailor appointments and treatments to your individual needs.

Are you good with nervous patients?

At Allbrite Dental, our top priority is making sure our patients are comfortable and confident in the treatment they’re receiving. We’ve worked hard to cultivate an easy going atmosphere, where patients feel that they can ask for what they want, and that we will listen. We believe in communication and the importance of really listening to patients in order to understand where they’re coming from. We’ll work with you to make sure your visit is as positive and rewarding as possible.

How important is it to come in regularly for cleanings?

Cleanings are a very important part of dental health. Routine maintenance can help ensure the life and functionality of your teeth, and regular cleanings can help guarantee we catch any problems before they develop into something more complex. Our friendly staff will work with your schedule to make sure your appointments fit your lifestyle. We’re excited to be your partners on the road to long-lasting oral health!

Do you place implants?

Allbrite Dental cannot presently install implants, but thanks to Dr. Nguyen’s many years in the field, we can refer you to leading periodontists. We’ll make sure you get the best possible care available.